Arthur Mitiniani Tkebuchava.


Georgian Citizen (former USSR), completed advanced studies at the Superior Military Academy of Baku, Azerbaijan (former USSR).  Captain with specialization in Operational Tactics of Special Forces of the Russian Army and awarded the Medal of Honor and Red Star order in armed conflicts.  Expert in the Fight against Terrorism (Military intelligence).  Known in Costa Rica since 1994 with an excellent reputation as instructor and security advisor to the government, private and state banks, national and international companies.

Languages dominated: Russian, Spanish, English, Georgian, Armenian, Farsi.



Dr. Alexander Alexandrovich Lótarev. (Instructor)


Doctor, Degree in Medicine and Surgery, and Specialist in Emergency Medicine.  Specialist in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation at the pre-hospital level.  Provides medical support for the courses of weapon and knife handling, at special events, and in the practices of Self Defense.  Provided military service in the hunting ships as general practitioner, rank of Captain.

Languages dominated: Russian, Spanish, English




Manuel Mora Salas. (Instructor)


Costa Rican Citizen, born in 1950.  Extensive experience in the field of security.  Graduated as Officer of Inter Armas Troops with a Degree in Military Sciences from the military academy VUISTRIEL in Moscow.  Completed postgraduate studies in “Military Security and Strategy” under the guidance of General Fiodor Ivanovich Fedorenko at the Superior Academy VUISTRIEL, Moscow, USSR.  The thesis developed at the end of the course was “Organization and Development of the Ministries of Defense and of the Interior in Developing Countries.”  Commander of the Internationalist Brigade formed by Costa Ricans.  Founder of the first training school of officials and soldiers of the EPS, known as Oscar Turcios, where the first regular officials of the EPS, along with more than 700 soldiers for the regular army, graduated from a quick course. Advisor in the field of: Security Studies, Development of Security Systems, workshops and lectures on the prevention of criminal acts.


KC James (United States)

knife combat

Expert in defensive tactics, KC James is a certified Military / Law enforcement Krav Maga Instructor, with history in JKD and Kick boxing.

Military training includes Military Police, quick reaction to terrorist threats, and psychological operations.  After training with Arthur Mitiniani in Costa Rica, KC James incorporated GEES training under the direction of Arthur Mitiniani Tkebuchava to fill voids  in the Krav Maga system for advanced combat training. Operating under “Krav Maga International” and “Rapid Response Security”, KC James offers certificate courses through GEES in VIP Protection and Anti-terrorism operations. (Related to Personal Protection Industry.)

Courses offered in Serbia, Mexico, and United States.


Maxim Gordon. (Technical and Operational Support)

Russian Citizen, born on May 21, 1986 in Uzbekistan, former USSR.  Advanced Studies in electronics and microelectronics, Web design and programming. Living in Costa Rica for more than 10 years.  Expert in CCTV systems and Electronic Security.  Currently holds the position of Manager of Digital Security of G.E.E.S

Languages dominated: Russian, Spanish, English